Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I wonder

I often wonder what is the purpose of life?
Generations are born, people come, people go; each of them making some sense of their existence and their reality. Your agency lies only in your ability to make meaning for yourself. But largely, things are meaningless.

Perhaps each of us come into this world to make a contribution, do our bit and perish. May be there is a grand plan that is panning out; a plan that has nothing to do with you or me but has something to do with the order of existence. An existence that is layered with multiple meanings at multiple levels but you are unaware of this meaning itself.

May be meaning exists in relationships, in the bonds that we create in spite and despite the differences between us. Differences that can perhaps never be bridged except in the good faith we establish between us, the faith which perhaps exists in that little space between you and me.


  1. Meaning! Purpose! What is philosophy? This is also a meaning/definition searching question. I would rather like it asked this way 'What does philosophy do?'

    You are a thinking soul. I like how you think. Let me put just a pattern among yours...

    I would like to echo one of Marx's Theses on Feuerbach reading 'The philosophers have only interpreted the world differently while the point is to change it' while I have in mind Delueze's concepts of 'interpretosis', 'becoming', 'emergence', 'rhizome', 'groundlessness', 'outside' etc, which together form the basis of his concept of philosophy as 'creating concepts', not interpreting the world, for we have creativity, not just the ability of making ourselves the carbon copies of objects in the past.

    We should be different. Every one of us from the other. 'Difference' makes creativity possible, not 'repetition'. Difference is our riches. Imagine something with every aspect of itself is not different from every other aspect of itself. Absence is the outcome, which is not life. People should understand 'difference', and if they do not know how to appreciate 'difference(s)', they will fight, while they would not like 'absence'. Self contradictory.

    I guess you will find Delueze interesting, with especial regard to your post 'Threshold'.

    Thoithoi O'Cottage

  2. Just another more.

    As your 'About me' reads, 'To define yourself is to confine yourself to the definition', we should not straitjacket the world by bonsaing it inside a fixed nutshell definition thinking that the world/life is a closed book. Life/world is rather 'being' and 'becoming' and we constantly experience the thrill, pain, throes and differences of giving birth and being born, simultaneously. We are a constantly emerging force. History has not ended, and we are never 'the last man'. No Francis Fukuyama with any sort of ideology can petrify this dynamism in their effort of maintain their own positions in the power relations game.

    Thoithoi O'Cottage