Monday, December 13, 2010

At this Silly Moment...

The sickeningly-sweet fragrance of incense sticks,

To the mugs of coffee I constantly replenish,

At this silly moment, I truly, truly cherish.

The blandest, boring meals that I regularly pick,

Suddenly seem to be the most desired dish,

At this silly moment, to be restored to my apartment I truly wish.

This feeling of deracination is rather sick,

And particularly inexplicable; for this place is much better furnished,

At this silly moment, my thoughts are nothing but boorish!

Perhaps the chaos is nowhere else, but within,

But to disentangle myself from the world, where must I begin?

I always seem to find someone to blame,

Oh Lord, how may I stop playing this game?

Tired of being severely misunderstood,

Act differently? Perhaps I could!

But then again, I wonder if I really should,

Pretend as though there exists a sisterhood?

At this silly moment, this is my lament,

That however hard I seem to try,

The tears never completely dry,

On this self piteous note, I relent.


  1. no wonder rains are not stopping this season in india.. ;) keep writing.