Thursday, January 13, 2011


It all began on new years’ eve,

Our home we decided not to leave,

Followed by a tedious term paper deadline,

Our body clocks we were forced to realign,

Disillusioned by results, marks we had not received,

Secluded in our apartment we lay, heart broken and slightly peeved,

Followed by desperate attempts to produce a better dissertation,

Times of confusion and endless bouts of procrastination,

Unable to focus on neither work nor play,

About this messy phase, I’d rather not say,

On the whole, the year was a total mess,

Memories that do nothing but depress,

More importantly, friends and foes were lost and found,

My world seems to have completely turned around,

Yet it seems life miraculously fell into place,

I’m forced to wonder, was it God’s grace?

The year is nearing towards an end,

Good wishes I hope the Lord will send,

In search of meaning and a goal,

On the journey called life, I continue to stroll…


  1. seems hope is already in air
    will cut the pangs of despair
    in the end it will all seem fair
    for emptiness will stare
    if life be full of care

  2. you're truly my only fan!
    and your rhyme is great too:)

  3. hehe, my flirtation with different genres in poetry and here with rhyming :)

  4. two mentions of God in one blog post...
    you're starting to worry me.