Monday, January 24, 2011

Significantly Insignificant

Of Speeding cars,

And Flashing lights,

Of Nights of passion,

And abundant desire,

Of States of inebriation,

And Fluid emotions,

Sailing through life,

Rising as we fall,

Comfortably unaware,

Blindly we crawl,

And when nothing truly remains,

The realization befalls,

Of that that was found and lost,

Tears that melted away like frost,

Too late to perhaps redeem,

Lament over mistakes that went unseen.


  1. and yet when the emptiness
    adores the couch next to me
    I watch it with envy
    for sure there were your hands
    and stains of those long
    forgotten summer
    and forgiven memories

    and yet when the ice
    puts the grass to sleep
    and the browns from the trees
    fall off to the netherworld
    I know the blue blanket
    which cushions me
    will slowly empty me too
    and the greens will desire
    a new monsoon

  2. your comment, better than my poem:)

  3. how can i say it was better when it was created out ur poem and has still not cut off the umbilical cord of its existence...ur creation was an alter through my poem emerged...I like comments when they emerge as poems :)